Thursday, April 27, 2017

Struggles of a Pregnant Type-A Ultra Nester

So...nesting is for real. Someone please back me up on this. With Walker it didn't hit me until like the beginning of the third trimester, but this sweet baby boy due in August must be a lot like his mama, because the nesting bug is already in full force with 17 weeks to go. It doesn't help that I already lean toward the side of extreme organization and over-preparedness on top of all of these raging hormones telling me to GET READY. Exhibit A: I woke up at 4:00 this morning in like emergency mode with the realization that I don't have a car seat or DockATot for this child and it needs to be in my house pronto as if the baby will undoubtedly be sleeping on the floor and riding on Walker's lap if I don't get these things at least three months in advance.

I'm also in full house mode trying to get all of my projects done before August, and last night alone I painted my front door, removed a kitchen cabinet, painted the wall (the wrong color of course so there's that) and ordered all of the shelving I still need for the entire house. It's exhausting and it's expensive, and I just thank the Lord for gifting me with a patient, understanding spouse who will love me unconditionally despite the many boxes that will be arriving at our house over the next couple of weeks...

With all this craziness going on in my brain the last thing I'm thinking about is my wardrobe. My regular clothes don't fit like they should, but maternity clothes are still a little weird looking. Every day I am looking for something in my closet that I can just throw on and go. The Julia dress by Lularoe is like a literal godsend. I can throw it on with leggings and sneakers for a super cute casual Target run or dress it up with booties and a necklace for church. It gives me the confidence I need to make it through a full 12 hours of toddler wrangling without losing myself and the flexibility I need to get 25 things accomplished at once. I'm thrilled that the soft, stretchy fabric fits me now with my bump and will also look amazing postpartum so that I can continue with my low key, minimal effort wardrobe in the midst of double the diaper changes and a fourth of the amount of sleep. An added bonus for me is the modesty of the neckline when it comes to all the bending and twisting and leaning of momhood.

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